Webinars to start summer 2016
1 hour webinar for just £10 (available to book 1 month before live show) 
Exclusive to Vignaverde, welcome to our online seminars, where you get to interact with one of our experts
The best Way to understand the Italian buying process 
… and more useful takeaways!
  • Learn about the role of registered estate agents
  • View the documents collected as part of the searches
  • Understand incorrect documents and how they are resolved
  • Understand how debts are registered on documents
In the first intriguing webinar you will:
Join David Benton, with over 12 years experience in the Italian property market and Gary Stonhill, who recently gave up his old life in the UK to start a new one in Abruzzo, Italy. They’ll share their knowledge of all aspects of buying a property in Italy and offer advice for people looking to take the plunge and make a new life here.
After attending these webinars, you’ll be closer to understanding how the Italian house buying system works.
Webinars are online seminars where via our software you can watch and listen to our experts talk about the chosen subjects via webcam. Your identity is not disclosed to others joining the seminar, only the host can see names of attendees, your webcam and identity will not be used. During the seminars as well as seeing our presenters part of your computer screen (once logged in to our webinar software) will be used for you to view documents we are talking about. There will also be a chance for you to electronically raise your hand and ask questions to the presenter.
Webinars are a fantastic way to listen in to a private seminar in the comfort of your own home.